Spring is in the air ...

Wave goodbye to the winter blues and celebrate the arrival of spring!
Spring is about getting back outdoors, recharging the batteries and taking weekend mini-breaks!

Relax and enjoy your surroundings at Le Petit Cinq, put on your walking boots and take in the beauty of our area or perhaps learn how to take better photos, either with your camera or on your phone in the historic city of Carcassonne!

We have teamed up with Carcassonne Photography Tours to offer you an opportunity both to enjoy the beautiful city and explore, and put into practice, the fundamentals of photography. The tours are created by Laurence Patterson, for years an enthusiastic photographer based in the United Kingdom, who latterly moved to France, learned the theory behind the practice, and now works as a professional photographer and designer.

Over a complete morning, you will discover the new town and La Bastide, areas which, for centuries, have been at the centre of commercial, liberal and artisan life. Your journey together moves from the internationally renowned train station, along the UNESCO-awarded Canal du Midi, and into the backstreets of this unique place. You will then cross the River Aude, and enter one of the world's most loved and best preserved buildings, a proud UNESCO site, celebrated for millennia, by the countless travellers that have passed through. Laurence will take you to the hidden corners of the Citadel, exploring the visual delights, and uncover quiet, undisturbed corners of this amazing place. This is, of course, a photography tour, so bring your camera - a digital SLR or smartphone - and bring your imagination. Over four hours, you will move between stunning locations, discussing and trying out photo composition, framing, and the core elements of what it means to take a beautiful photograph. This tour run on Saturdays with between 2 and 8 attendees.

Only 45€ for four hours and what’s more guests of Le Petit Cinq receive a 15% off this or any other Carcassonne Photography Tour when booking at carcatour.com - just add the phrase lpc15 at checkout!

Not coming at the weekend? No problem, there are other tours available mid week for two hours or more from just 25€. Our discount code still applies!

We have plenty of availability for February, March and April and offer short breaks until the middle of May.

Please note the photography tour must be booked separately with carcatour.com and is not included in your stay.